Court Statistics & Workload Committee

In August 2007, the Supreme Court approved the creation of the Court Statistics and Workload Committee, under the Commission on Trial Court Performance and Accountability. This is a permanent Committee of circuit and county court judges, trial court administrators, general magistrates and hearing officers that oversees issues pertaining to the Summary Reporting System, Uniform Data Reporting System, and all other trial court data collection systems. In addition, it is responsible for addressing future data needs and workload related policy level questions.


  • The Honorable Paul Alessandroni (Chair), Charlotte County
  • Mr. Fred Buhl, Eighth Circuit
  • The Honorable G. Keith Cary, Twentieth Circuit
  • Ms. Holly Elomina, Sixteenth Circuit
  • The Honorable David H. Foxman, Volusia County
  • The Honorable Ilona M. Holmes, Seventeenth Circuit
  • The Honorable Shelley J. Kravitz, Miami-Dade County
  • The Honorable Ellen Sly Masters, Tenth Circuit
  • The Honorable Paula S. O'Neil, Ph.D., Clerk of Court, Pasco County
  • Ms. Kathleen R. Pugh, Seventeenth Circuit
  • The Honorable Sharon Robertson, Clerk of Court, Okeechobee County
  • Mr. Philip Schlissel, Seventeenth Circuit
  • Mr. Grant Slayden, Second Circuit
  • The Honorable Scott Stephens, Thirteenth Circuit
  • The Honorable William F. Stone, First Circuit

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