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2017-18 Constitution Revision Commission

Florida is guided by its legal foundation, the state’s constitution. There are different ways Florida’s constitution may be amended, but the Constitution Revision Commission is unique.

The daily calendars and weekly schedules for Florida’s 2017-18 Constitution Revision Commission are located on the CRC website

Watch the archived public meetings on The Florida Channel.

Constitution Revision Commission Background

Every 20 years, 37 Floridians are chosen to consider and recommend constitutional amendments to voters. 

Chief Justice LabargaFlorida Chief Justice Jorge Labarga has made his three choices to serve on the Constitution Revision Commission. Presiding officers of the Legislature and the governor have made their appointments. The Commission held its organization session March 20, 2017, with Chief Justice Labarga swearing in its 37 members.

This is an important process. To aid citizens’ awareness of and participation in the deliberations of the Constitution Revision Commission, this page and related pages have been created on the Florida Courts website. This information is provided for educational purposes to encourage engagement by the state’s citizens, educate participants about issues before the commission and provide information about the commission’s progress.

If you have questions about the work of the Constitution Revision Commission please email them to