Renewal Change 2013

Renewal Approval Notices & Seals

In complying with the Court's efforts to reduce paper and the DRC's initiative to provide efficiencies to increase productivity and reduce processing times for applications and renewals, beginning in January 2013, the DRC will no longer be mailing out renewal approval notices or providing renewal seals when your mediator certification has been renewed. When your renewal has been approved, it will be reflected on your record on the Florida DRC website at (Mediator Search) is available under the Self-Help Section or if you go into the DRC section of the website, Mediator Search is located on the left column) and your renewal date will appear as updated through the next two year period. A confirmation email that your renewal has been approved will also be sent.

How You Receive Your Renewal Materials

Beginning in January 2013, the DRC will no longer be mailing out renewal applications. Mediators who are due for renewal will receive an email notification three months prior to renewal that it is time to renew along with a link to complete a generic downloadable renewal form. The forms will then need to be completed, notarized and mailed to the DRC with appropriate renewal fees and the CME Reporting Form. Any changes in information (address, email, phones, etc.) should be indicated at this time as well.

Your Contact Information

It is important that you maintain a valid email address on file with the DRC. Any person who does not have access to email and who needs hard copies of the renewal materials must submit a request to the DRC in writing.


For additional information please contact The Dispute Resolution Center at 850-921-2910 or at