Current Charges

Charge One:

Monitor the implementation of recent legislative changes relating to the Baker Act and Marchman Act as well as any future changes made by the Legislature to those laws. Upon request, the Task Force should provide training and technical assistance regarding how the changes should apply to the judicial processing of these cases.

Charge Two:

Pending this Court’s consideration and action on the Task Force’s draft Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards and related proposals, finalize the draft standards and develop a process to assist drug courts in operating with fidelity to the standards. The Task Force should begin researching evidence-based best practice standards for juvenile and family dependency drug courts, mental health courts, and veterans courts.

Charge Three:

Monitor proposed legislation and provide input to the Legislature, upon request, to help ensure consistency with the recommendations outlined in the report entitled Transforming Florida’s Mental Health System.

Charge Four:

Research the prevalence of non-violent felony offenders in Florida’s prison system who have a mental health and/or substance use disorder and make recommendations on how appropriate non-violent offenders could be diverted from prison into community-based treatment and supervision.