Delinquency Publications

Delinquency Benchbook -  PDF /  RTF

The Florida Delinquency Benchbook is a comprehensive resource designed to aid judges who are on the delinquency bench or who may expect to hear detention hearings. The benchbook provides information on every aspect of the delinquency process, examining the requirements of each hearing and what each participant may be expected to do. It is filled with flowcharts and quick reference guides for ease of use. The 2010 Florida Delinquency Benchbook has been distributed to every new judge, every judge on the delinquency bench, as well as those judges who may review initial delinquency proceedings, and is available on request to other interested stakeholders.

Please note, the 2010 Delinquency Flow Chart is only available in the PDF version of the Delinquency Benchbook.

Rules and Flowcharts

Rules of Juvenile Procedure -  PDF /  RTF

The Office of Court Improvement (OCI) has consolidated the Rules of Juvenile Procedure into a useful document; providing quick access to the relevant sections for each phase of the delinquency process. This document is provided to judges and other stakeholders throughout Florida.

Quick Reference Delinquency Flowchart -  PDF /  RTF

The OCI created a quick-reference flowchart that provides at-a-glance information about the delinquency process. This flowchart is distributed as part of the Delinquency Benchbook, but due to its popularity, it is provided as a stand-alone document as well.

Other Publications

Family Guide to Delinquency Court -  PDF

The OCI has produced a Family Guide to Delinquency Court. This guide, aimed at youths who come into contact with the Delinquency system, provides helpful information about the Delinquency process, the participants in any hearing and their roles, and possible outcomes. This guide has been sent to courthouses throughout Florida, and is available to other stakeholders as well.

"What's Going to Happen to Me?" PDF

The OCI has produced a comicbook guide to Delinquency Court for Teens. This guide is intended to inform juveniles about the Delinquency process, and provides useful information about every hearing, including definitions of those terms that may be unfamiliar to teens. This guide will be made available to teens and other stakeholders throughout Florida. 


"Tales From Delinquency Court"

The OCI has produced a video detailing what Delinquency Court is like, as told from the perspective of a teen going through the delinquency court process.  

Tales From Delinquency Court