If you are in immediate danger of Domestic Violence, please call 911.

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Checklist to Promote Perpetrator Accountability in Dependency Cases Involving Domestic Violence 2011

This publication is known as the Accountability Checklist, and was developed to guide judges in holding perpetrators of domestic violence accountability and ensure that efforts to reach fathers will foster the safety and well-being of children and victim parents. The Accountability Checklist will help the court leverage its authority, provide appropriate services, and improve judicial decision-making. It will also help judges define domestic violence; gather information; assess dangerousness, strength's, and fatherhood capacity; review service plans and treatment options; consider placement and visitation; and ensure an effective judicial process.

2017 Guide to Domestic Violence Cases

This guide, dedicated to helping courts intervene effectively in domestic violence cases, was developed by the National Association for Court Management.

Practice Guides for Family Court Decision-Making in Domestic Abuse-Related Custody Matters 2015

This publication, created by the Battered Women’s Justice Project in consultation with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and representatives from the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, is a compilation of research- based practice guides designed to support and enhance substantive and procedural decision-making by family court professionals involved in domestic abuse-related child custody matters.

Domestic Violence Benchbooks: A Guide to Court Intervention. by Ling, Elizabeth. Crank, Katie. Center for Court Innovation. 2015

Judges and justice system staff are uniquely positioned to address the problem of domestic violence. Court intervention can significantly impact victims and families, but in order to effectively intervene, domestic violence-specific education for judges is critical. As a comprehensive technical assistance provider for the Office on Violence Against Women, the Center for Court Innovation often receives inquiries from courts nationwide on benchbooks and other judicial resources regarding domestic violence and sexual assault. This guide and recommended set of practices was created in response to these requests. Understanding that domestic violence laws differ from state to state, this project focuses on the dynamics of domestic violence rather than state statutes.

Civil Protection Orders: A Guide for Improving Practice 2010

This publication is known as the CPO Guide. The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, in partnership with the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women developed the CPO Guide as a tool designed to support the work of professionals dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of the civil protection order process. It provides guidance for advocates, attorneys, judges, law enforcement personnel, and prosecutors to help ensure that protection orders are effectively issued, served, and enforced across the country. The electronic version of the CPO Guide is available on nearly every e-reading device. It can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple, NOOK, and Sony bookstores and from Diesel Books online. Amazon Kindle owners can also obtain an electronic version of the CPO Guide through the Kindle Bookstore; however, the cost is 99 cents.

Lawyers Manual on Domestic Violence 2016

The New York State Judicial Committee on Women in the Courts recently released their updated "Lawyers Manual on Domestic Violence." 

The 2017 Domestic Violence Benchbook

The citations in this benchbook have been abbreviated to improve the flow of the text. A citation to section 741.30, Florida Statutes, appears as § 741.30. All references are to the 2016 Florida Statutes.


The 2017 Florida Domestic Violence Benchbook is a comprehensive resource guide for judges who are on the domestic violence bench, or who may be expected to review filed petitions for protection against domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence, repeat violence, or stalking. The benchbook provides information on every step of the injunction process, complete with flowcharts and checklists designed to provide at-a-glance illumination of the procedures the judge must follow to comply with Florida law. It also contains a legal civil outline,evidence outline, and criminal domestic violence outline, each complete with case law and statutory authority. 

Domestic Violence Benchbook by Section

Section I:










      Judge Colaw - Sample Colloquy



       Judge Eineman - Firearms Overview




Section II:

Section III:

Section IV:

Section V:

Section VI:


The 2017 Sexual Violence Benchbook

The 2017 Florida Sexual Violence Benchbook is a comprehensive resource guide for judges who are on the criminal bench and anticipate that they will hear cases involving sexual violence. The benchbook provides information on the hearings that courts routinely hold, complete with flowcharts and checklists designed to provide at-a-glance as well as in-depth analysis of the criminal procedures impacted by the nature of the crime. 

You can access an electronic copy of the 2017 Sexual Violence Benchbook below:



The Office of Court Improvement (OCI) has produced checklists for the five injunctions for protection against violence; these benchcards are designed to be quick reference guides to the process for each type of injunction, beginning with the petition, and continuing through ordering the final injunction and enforcing it should there be any such issues. These benchcards are distributed with the Florida Domestic Violence Benchbook, but are also distributed separately due to their high demand.

Updated March 2017.

Other Related Articles and Guides

Mediation and Domestic Violence Reference Guide - Updated August 2016

The OCI has produced a reference guide to be used by mediators to learn more about the relationship dynamics surrounding domestic violence that can often frustrate the purpose of mediation.  It also provides information on how to proceed with a mediation if domestic violence is suspected

OSCA-OCI Newsletters

The OCI produces semi-annual newsletters about topics and events pertaining to current events. These newsletters inform readers of upcoming events, conferences, and projects that may be of interest. Also, each newsletter includes an article of interest. These newsletters are distributed to judges, court staff, and interested stakeholders.


Sexual Violence Newsletters

The Sexual Violence Newsletter, Summer 2016

  • Summer 2016 Newsletter PDF

The Sexual Violence Newsletter, January 2016

  • January 2016 Newsletter PDF

This issue includes an article discussing some common myths surrounding sexual violence.  It is an excellent introduction into the sexual violence arena for those who are new to this case type.


Domestic Violence Newsletters

The Domestic Violence Review, Spring 2016

  • Spring 2016 Newsletter PDF

The Domestic Violence Review, December 2015

  • December 2015 Newsletter PDF

The Domestic Violence Review, May 2015

This issue includes an article on reasonable efforts in child abuse and neglect cases that involve domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Review, February 2015

This issue includes an article reprinted with permission from the NCJFCJ regarding trauma in the context of domestic violence. 

The Domestic Violence Review, June 2014

This issue discusses teen sexual violence, and attached to the newsletter is a quick reference guide for judges on the subject of teen sexual violence.

The Domestic Violence Review, Winter 2013

This issue discusses batterers' intervention programs, including a success story and an interesting excerpt from Orange County's BIP Monitoring protocol. 

The Domestic Violence Review, June 2013

This issue discusses the topic of domestic violence and trauma-informed care.


If you are in immediate danger of Domestic Violence, please call 911.

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