Planning Initiatives

2009 - 2015 Long-Range Plan

The 2009-2015 Long-Range Plan for the Florida Judicial Branch was presented to the Court July 1, 2009 and approved the same day. The Task Force on Judicial Branch Planning facilitated several initiatives during their work to update the plan:

  • A public opinion telephone survey;
  • Online and paper surveys of jurors, court users, attorneys, judicial officers and court staff statewide;
  • Nine public meetings throughout the state;
  • A meeting with justice system partner  organizations whose functions intersect with the court system; and,
  • Four focus groups of judicial leaders, core court personnel, and external stake-holders; the focus groups were facilitated by Dr. Brenda Wagenkneccht-Ivey of Praxis Consulting, Inc.

 As approved and adopted by the supreme court, the 2009-2015 Long-Range Plan is organized around the following long-range, strategic issues:

  • Strengthening Governance and Independence
  • Improving the Administration of Justice
  • Supporting Competence and Quality
  • Enhancing Court Access and Services
  • Enhancing Public Trust and Confidence