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Reports and Articles

The following reports, articles, and other publications are related to emergency preparednesss efforts in the Florida State Courts.

Full Court Press Articles (page 2 to 4)
(Summer 2007)

Full Court Press Articles (page 5 and 7)
(Winter 2007)

2005-06 Annual Report Article (page 6)

Full Court Press Article (page 4)
(Summer 2006)

The Florida Bar News Article
(May 2006)

Strategy for Pandemic Influenza
(March 2006)

Full Court Press Article (page 12)
(Spring 2006)

Full Court Press Article (page 4) (November-December 2005)

2004-05 Annual Report Article (page 11)

Court Manager Article (Spring 2004)

9/11 Plus Two in the Florida State Courts (September 2003)

Florida Courts Technology Commission Report (December 2002)

Final Report from the Work Group on Emergency Preparedness (March 2002)

Damage to Santa Rosa County Courthouse

Santa Rosa County Courthouse in Milton
after Hurricane Dennis