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If you are in immediate danger of Domestic Violence, please call 911.

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The Domestic Violence team at OCI is federally funded by the STOP Violence Against Women grant. The team is committed to enhancing participants’ understanding of the injunction process; providing court staff with meaningful, accessible training opportunities; assisting in enhancing court efficiency; and increasing the safety of Floridians. Active since 2002, the DV team has:

  • Created documents that inform petitioners and respondents about the injunction process, enhancing participants’ understanding of the court system;

  • Provided numerous training opportunities to Florida judges, including statewide and nationwide workshops and conferences, aimed at developing deeper understandings of the domestic violence process;

  • Developed a comprehensive Domestic Violence Benchbook for use by judges, with quick access sections regarding important aspects of the process;

  • Begun to promulgate a Best Practices Guide aimed at enforcing batterer intervention program participation, which has the potential to reduce recidivism, reduce court costs, and increase victim safety;

  • Created numerous videos to inform stakeholders about various domestic violence issues;

  • Enhanced the forms relating to domestic violence injunctions and streamlined the process, making some of the forms fillable online and thereby improving access to services;

  • Produced semi-annual newsletters that provide readers relevant information about current domestic violence issues;

  • Created two virtual court programs to allow users to experience the domestic violence process from the viewpoint of a judge or a case manager; and

  • Staff several committees, local and state-wide, to provide insight and assistance on domestic violence-related issues.

  • If you are in immediate danger of Domestic Violence, please call 911.

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