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Court Technology

Florida’s courts have made great advances in the use of technology to improve and enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and timeliness of those processes which are critical to the management of information technologies. Opportunities created by emerging technologies have provided the impetus for the judiciary to meet the multitude of challenges faced by our court system. Through the integration of state-of-the-art technologies, Florida’s court system is recognized as one of the leaders in the country. The judicial branch is committed to improving the administration of justice, enhancing public access and service, and building public trust and confidence.


The current eRecord Integration kit is available to circuits, counties, the FCCC, Executive Branch agencies and other entities.

Trial Court Assessment Documents (Referenced in AOSC03-16)

  • Current Projects
  • Technology Commissions/Committees
  • E-Filing:  Information and Status
  • eRecord
  • Court Access
  • Applicable Statutes, Rules and Administrative Orders