If you are in immediate danger of Domestic Violence, please call 911.

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The Civil Injunction for Protection Brochure for Petitioners

This brochure discusses the types of injunctions available to petitioners, what protection may be available, and what to expect during the injunction process. These brochures have been sent to every courthouse where domestic violence petitions may be filed.

The Civil injunction for Protection Brochure for Respondents

This brochure explains what a temporary injunction means, what the respondent can and cannot do while the temporary injunction is in effect, what to expect at the hearing in court, and what possible restrictions the judge may order if a final injunction is ordered. These brochures have been sent to every courthouse where domestic violence injunction hearings may be held.


How to Prepare for an Injunction for Protection Court Hearing PDF

This brochure explains how to prepare for a hearing on a petition for an injunction for protection.  It is designed to assist petitioners and respondents.


The 2014 Domestic Violence Benchbook

The 2014 Florida Domestic Violence Benchbook is a comprehensive resource guide for judges who are on the domestic violence bench, or who may be expected to review filed petitions for protection against domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence, repeat violence, or stalking. The benchbook provides information on every step of the injunction process, complete with flowcharts and checklists designed to provide at-a-glance illumination of the procedures the judge must follow. The benchbook will be distributed to every new judge, every judge ascending to the domestic violence bench, every duty judge who may be required to review petitions for protection against domestic violence.  


You can access an electronic copy of the 2014 Benchbook below:

Quick Reference Guides

The Office of Court Improvement (OCI) has produced checklists for the five injunctions for protection against violence; these checklists are designed to be quick reference guides to the process for each type of injunction, beginning with the petition, and continuing through ordering the final injunction and enforcing it should there be any such issues. These guides are distributed with the Florida Domestic Violence Benchbook, but are also distributed separately due to their high demand.

Firearms Quick Reference Guide

The OCI has also produced a Quick Reference Guide for Florida Laws Regarding Firearms. This guide provides information on the state and federal laws governing possession of firearms as it is affected by domestic violence. This guide was sent out to Florida judges and is included in the updated Florida Domestic Violence Benchbook.

Mediation and Domestic Violence Reference Guide

The OCI has produced a reference guide to be used by mediators to learn more about the relationship dynamics surrounding domestic violence that can often frustrate the purpose of mediation.  It also provides information on how to proceed with a mediation if domestic violence is suspected.


Electronic Stalking Addendum

Mandatory Reporting of Abuse Checklist

Elder Abuse Benchcard


The OCI produces semi-annual newsletters about topics and events pertaining to current events. These newsletters inform readers of upcoming events, conferences, and projects that may be of interest. Also, each newsletter includes an article of interest relating to domestic violence. These newsletters are distributed to judges, court staff, and interested stakeholders.

The Domestic Violence Review, February 2015

This issue includes an article reprinted with permission from the NCJFCJ regarding trauma in the context of domestic violence. 

The Domestic Violence Review, June 2014

This issue discusses teen sexual violence, and attached to the newsletter is a quick reference guide for judges on the subject of teen sexual violence.

The Domestic Violence Review, Winter 2013

This issue discusses batterers' intervention programs, including a success story and an interesting excerpt from Orange County's BIP Monitoring protocol. 

The Domestic Violence Review, June 2013

This issue discusses the topic of domestic violence and trauma-informed care.

The Domestic Violence Review, November 2012

This issue discusses sensative issues surrounding domestic violence in same-sex relationships and provides a look at an innovative program in Broward County.

The Domestic Violence Review, April 2012

This issue discusses the cultural context of domestic violence and provides a review of domestic violence statistics as reported in Florida.

The Domestic Violence Review, November 2011

This issue discusses developmentally disabled victims of sexual abuse, and provides a list of articles for learning more about various domestic violence issues.

The Domestic Violence Review, April 2011

This issue discusses elder abuse as a form of domestic violence, and provides a list of resources for learning more about elder abuse.

The Domestic Violence Review, November 2010

This issue discusses elder cell phone and GPS tracking as it pertains to domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Review, May 2010

This issue discusses the influence domestic and sexual violence can have on the risk of developing cancer.

The Domestic Violence Review, November 2009

This issue discusses the differences between anger management and certified batterer intervention programs. It also examines human trafficking from the judge’s perspective.

The Domestic Violence Review, June 2009

This issue discusses teen violence dating facts. It also includes a short article titled, "Domestic Violence in Florida: A Day in the Life."

The Domestic Violence Review, December 2008

This issue discusses elder the four different injunction types provided for by Florida law. It also provdes a list of helpful web resources regarding domestic, sexual, dating, and repeat violence.

Other Publications

The 2014 Domestic Violence Action Plan

In the 2013-14 fiscal year, the OCI conducted a number of outreach programs, connecting with as many domestic violnce stakeholders as possible. The substance of each outreach was the same -- what does the OCI need to work on to stay current with the domestic violence practices around Florida. This action plan is the result of extensive discussions and round tables, and lays out the OCI's goals and plans for future fiscal years.

2014 Action Plan (PDF)


Promising Practicing for Enforcing Final Injunctions

In 2012, the OCI conducted a 6-month pilot program to assess methods of enforcing final injunctions. As a result of the pilot, the OCI developed a promising practices guide for enforcing final injunctions. The steps outlined in the guide may assist courts in providing effective enforcement to ensure respondents follow the terms of the final order. This guide is available in PDF format, and as a Powerpoint slideshow.

Additionally, the OCI produced a final report on the pilot program, which details the process used in the pilot program, the results of the program, and future steps to promote the promising practices guide. This report is available in PDF format.


Promising Practices for Time Sharing in Domestic Violence Cases

In 2015 the OCI developed a promising practices guide to provide guidance on temporary parenting plans and temporary time-sharing schedules in domestic violence injunction proceedings to enable petitioners to navigate parenting arrangements safely and knowledgably. The guide is available in PDF format. 


OCI Bibliography

The OCI has consolidated a list of useful domestic violence reading materials. This bibliography may provide more information on domestic violence issues.

2008 Statewide Domestic Violence Referral Guide

The 2008 Statewide Domestic Violence Referral Guide provides information for every circuit and county in Florida, listing addresses and telephone numbers for police departments, batterer intervention programs, and domestic violence shelters.

The Best Practices Model on Child Support in Domestic Violence

The Best Practices Model on Child Support in Domestic Violence provides helpful guidelines for judges facing child support issues in a domestic violence case. The Model provides step-by-step suggestions for every stage of a domestic violence case, and is distributed with the 2008 Florida Domestic Violence Benchbook. However, due to its success, it is also distributed separately.

2012 Case Management Guidelines

The 2012 Case Management Guidelines provides Florida Case Managers with a valuable resource that examines each stage in the domestic violence process and outlines the case management process.

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (“NCJFCJ”) is a national organization dedicated to providing judges with trainings and publications for subjects such as domestic violence and child dependency. Their Publications page has several additional publications that may provide further information about domestic violence issues.

If you are in immediate danger of Domestic Violence, please call 911.

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